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Shanghai industry and Commerce moving company was founded in 2005, the company has a number of years in the professional moving industry experience handling employee, hopes for Shenzhen residents to bring together high quality, fast moving service factory service. Fish beads mixed in Shanghai moved to improve the current industry's marketing efforts, and strive to establish a household agriculture, moving, moving field of agriculture, industry and Commerce moving company, Shanghai NGS moved, Shanghai industry and Commerce moving companies, industry and Commerce moving companies, Shanghai agriculture moving moving companies service the image. The company's philosophy is to provide customers in Shenzhen with more comfort, friendly service, and provide customers with excellent value for money service. Company charges according to floor height, distance proximity, side is the basement, easy difficult level size to pricing.

the company has a group of young, professional service staff, following Shenzhen enterprises and individuals handling, high volume, high difficulty moving. Transport: a special type, professional transport vehicles such as heavy and light, to provide customers with short-distance and long-distance transport, up to all the country's provinces and cities. Have less-than-truckload cargo including cargo, mode of transport and vehicle transport can be provided according to the needs of different goods vehicles. Assembly and disassembly of furniture: professional piano technicians dismantling furniture, disassembly of air conditioning, handling, service guarantee: company dedicated to the enterprises to provide, fast, efficient, warm and thoughtful service. Our goal: let move idle assets, recycling, recycling.

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