Move starts at who's sitting on the way to control

&Nbsp;   Yi Tian Cun Zhang, Futian, March 2, 2001 live in the moving process favoured with the Shenzhen Futian moving company. Moved to Xia Mei yi Tian Cun, was already on the phone, and the moving company said 380 Yuan, but after moving personnel to the scene, said alley too deep stairs Pacific, will be increased; the new downstairs, the other party also known as the building is too high, and rise again. "What's wrong with moving expenses calculated? Is there a standard? "Zhang said. Subsequently, the Shenzhen evening news reporter on the street ads for several moving companies phone, claimed the move, Fukuda several moving companies say they enjoy a good reputation, say how much money how much money is, not halfway through fare increases. Shenzhen evening news reporter learned from the business sector, there is plenty complaints about moving, staff reminded the public that the move to try to choose a licensed and reputable moving company, preferably to the place of business to talk about time and price, and asked whether there were prior invoice, ask for a receipt after the move is completed, as evidence of its rights. BACK
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