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    in hot weather, air conditioning repair business booming, not qualified moving companies have joined the maintenance team. ---Air conditioning professionals remind consumers fluoridation disassembly and Assembly of the smile

    the weather was so hot, no air conditioning. Reporters learned from the three for the services group, recent surge in air conditioning repair service, daily orders are more than 300. Add freon cleaning, disassembly and Assembly, are the most common services. However, industry insiders remind as summer air conditioning repair service

    hot spots, some units do not have the technical qualifications and also want a share, resulting in air conditioning repair market "trick" a lot.

    most of the moving company free maintenance qualification

    "collected 300 yuan air conditioning entry fees, air can't run. "Recently, a moving company by user complaints. According to the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision service industry Management Office, air conditioning maintenance and installation services, to obtain the city of quality and technical Association awarded the certificate of technical qualification. Currently access to the certificate's normal air conditioning repair business there are 82, three for the group is the only one in domestic industries, and the moving company will not air conditioning maintenance and installation qualification. Is the disassembly and Assembly, as well as professional technical staff certified.

   , however, yesterday the Internet search a bit, found marked "air conditioning disassembly", "professional air conditioning repair" service moving company, much as dozens of homes. Maintenance industry Administration Office official said the air conditioning maintenance and installation company should have professional and technical personnel, fixed place of repair, professional equipment and related maintenance management system, and many kitchen maintenance companies, moving companies simply do not have the condition. There are only 35 people, "shot in a new place" service is difficult to guarantee. When users contact your air conditioning repair service to keep an eye out, try to find the major brands of well-known maintenance special maintenance points or enterprise, and that view has no maintenance qualification certificate and a certificate for employees, asked before the maintenance fee, paid to obtain premium credentials.

    fluoridation may also make use of the warranty service

    air conditioning not cooling how to do, many people first thought is to add freon. Analysis of the industry, in fact, there are many reasons, such as compressors, fans, brass link problems will cause poor cooling effect. On the question of how much do you need to add freon, and some maintenance personnel in order to earn money, will be added to the user brought a lot. In fact, different specifications, different amount of freon air conditioning required is different. Adding too much freon will cause air pressure is too high, it will affect cooling performance.

    confusion of charges are troubling issues. According to the repair industry Management Office introduced, such as solving add freon air conditioning not cooling problems, service generally charges more reasonable at around 100-150. Claims and certain service providers add freon 40 Yuan, a pressure is not standard, the freon refrigerant kg is counted as the most scientific.

    also, note the air conditioner warranty period is also very important. Air conditioning businesses free of charge within the warranty period commitment to add freon. According to the relevant regulations of the State, three bags of air conditioning machine are valid for 1 year, compressor, thermostat, fan motors and other major parts the warranty is valid for 3 years. Some brands also promised to extend the warranty to 6 years and 3 years free add freon. So users should know when buying, keep the warranty card and invoice, in the use of air conditioning in the process, make full use of the manufacturer's warranty.

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