Moving company why not permit

    "the Rooster crows at midnight" is a story, "night moves" is a status quo.

    in General, the move is the trip to the wedding, at least it is a normal thing rather than moving, sneaking around in the dark and make jamming neighborhood of spring and autumn dream, leaving a bad impression of unreasonable. Besides their own sleep rest, theoretically, only fools do.

    in Guangzhou, some people with back instead, for

    It's cheaper! well, is to blame. Zhongshan Road, Dong Feng Lu, controlled, large trucks in and out of these died, of course, there are ways to manage the flats a few permits, according to go anyway. As a result, rare is expensive, has a gold medal from death certificates of the moving company natural prices soar, so didn't want to be "slaughtered" and failed to permit removal of the public company "tacit", eyeing the police late at night after work to have a big move by significantly reducing the cost of the b sides.

    logically, moving company has a legal business license, van factual qualified to operate, whether large companies small companies compete, prices fluctuate according to, this is no problem at all. But due to the ban, there has been a shortage of permits, we do not know how these permits are issued by the total how many? but believe that there are certain "rules of the game", or proportionate distribution, or auction bidding, or ... ...

    However, permits access to the forbidden sections of legal, in other words, no card no matter day or night has no access. The reason is as simple as a tobacco licence to sell alcoholic drinks. Therefore, would like to invite those who move in the dark to save money people think twice, if you hire a car without permit, luckily met police search vehicles on the road, blocked is certain, punishment must the moving company, telling Porter joint feel upset, accidentally damage your baby, your candle!

    from another perspective, if the moving company spent a great deal of material and spiritual resources in Exchange for a few rare EP, freight boats nature "justified", the market economy, otherwise, not asking an expert 1 time. Or you made a start at, which was condemned by public opinion and the community as a whole, and be available to the public and a call for management of the certification in the next quarter to cancel the permit of the company, moving company of the change to those people who promised not to increase, as a result, unconscionable increase less, people will applaud.

    worth mentioning is that the traffic police for contempt of law, secretly restricted area of moving combat vehicles, the penalties will be imposed, the clasp buckle, such as combating illegal dump trucks, to protect those who have permits moving company.

    said back, because public on issued allowed card of insider know of is less, but certainly know gruel; on which a moved company has allowed card of also know of not more, more not know has allowed card of company whether will this and shipped funding linked, thus is confused consumption, then played into as in street side visited "no brand stalls" General on not Arabian Nights has.

    If the concerned Department arranges local moving company called qualification, charges openly, and then permit which the company has a transparent transparent, so that we also understand, understand the consumption.

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