Moving must look for regular moving company

    Mr Yuen who lives in kongjiang road 645 call, shortly before he moved. Due to the misconception that the small ads, just call a moving company to move. But in the process of moving, the fake moving company not only looking for an excuse to raise prices, but also doing something up shoplifting.

    Mr Yuen said he is in accordance with the letter box advertising paper, call for an appointment before the moving company. Other person heard he moved, enthusiastically promised that, with small pieces of paper can offer, costs are negotiable. After some haggling, the two sides agreed the move cost 280 Yuan. Moving on this day, four porters. Things moved to the half, they suddenly said, 280 Yuan is a basic price, four workers to an additional 40 Yuan per person. Cabinet assembling and disassembling costs plus, seven eight operator, and finally asked for up to 700 Yuan.

    (Mr Yuen: horizontal for vertical of we get 400 Yuan to 400 Yuan refused to 450 Yuan later my brother say nevermind paying 50 Yuan better don't bother to give him 500 yuan)

    price nailed down, the House moved out. Mr Yuen finally heaved a sigh, and mind to organize valuables at home. Who knows the time to eat, Mr Yuen couldn't find a home in the rice and oil. Move in a bag of rice and two barrels of cooking oil disappeared, calculation, approximately 200 Yuan. Mr Yuen will add up and count the money, just move cost 700 Yuan claimed for field staff.

   , the fake moving company moving costs are a dime is not short. Even the most shameful way, they are also potential bases. If such a mind, used in formal business, wouldn't it be better. In this thing happen with Mr Yuan, should be a lesson. Small ads on the trap, people don't go on.

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