Porter resigned after stealing a diamond ring moving company exclusions

    live yesterday afternoon, Futian District, Shenzhen honey Lake sweet secret 1th, GAO said, on Saturday, Shenzhen Luohu was himself and his wife moving company to move. Two things to Lo Wu on a good price is RMB 1000.00, is at 9 o'clock in the morning to begin moving on time, unexpectedly moving company less than 7:30 in the morning the workers call home. GAO said said a 9 point? 7:30 how to? Moving company foreman who said honey Lake Road for a limited time, can't go to 9:30 van 7:30 A.M., so early. Haven't had time to clean up, hurry my wife carry valuables should not use Scotch tape in a sealed box.

    day moved finished home Hou night high Mr and wife finishing box find things Shi, found Sheng put precious items of that small box has obviously was turned of traces, a check, box in Sheng put of two gold ring, and two article necklace all missing has, "certainly is was moved company of workers shoplifting has, high Mr said and at moved company of workers guard, small box also put in car in, workers has sufficient of time to apart carton, then stole things.

    when high call the moving company asked it, the moving company head Mr Cheng said, "was in charge of to the high moving workers have quit in a hurry, can't now. On Sunday afternoon, after several workers finished the work, told me that's something temporary, to be out for a few days, time to come back, then we can't anymore. "Mr Cheng said he began to wonder, do older workers all went for over a year until the GAO made a phone call, he didn't know the employees may be due to shoplifting scared be found quit in a hurry

    moving company head Mr Cheng said, "but not me, and there is no way to prove high-what is lost, and I certainly can't give them compensation. ”

    Shenzhen Nanshan moved company said if can found crime suspects, by caused loss should by its all bear, if find not to, so moved company on should bear joint compensation responsibility, Shenzhen Baoan moved company reminded public, in moved zhiqian, best and moved company signed set formal contract, agreed precious items of number, and value, by both signed recognized, to this avoid occurred similar of disputes.

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